October 26, 2008

Day 7 Young to Cowra 72kms

I am sitting here in the van once again watching Craig getting a massage. And yes he is still complaining. Reg Mal and Sarah are also here having a few olives with some cheese and chatting about today's events. I feel like i have been to a 48 hour long party and all i want to do is sleep. I have an inner burning feeling that will not go away. It has been present for the past few days . I slur when i speak and i have also began to dribble when i ride. Nothing major is wrong but i am concerned about how much further i can push my body.

This morning we hit the road at 8.00 am with a massive grade three hill first up. My Achilles tendons on both feet were giving me pain like i have never felt. I had to walk up the first hill and my walking style was pathetic to say the least. Both Mal and Amanda begged me to get in the car and call the whole day off . I know my body and what it can do (at least i thought so ) and i made an executive decision to ride thought the pain and initiate a process called active recovery. I was screaming with agony grinding up several hills wondering if the pain was going cease when suddenly it did. The excruciating pain suddenly left and i was able to ride on with minimal pain. Craig and i actually rode 112kms today instead of 70. We rode the extra 42 today so we have an easier day tomorrow. One thing that did help today was Reg and Sarah fetching me two buckets and some ice. They gave my Achilles tendons an ice bath on the side of the road and man did it help.

Today Craig was a pillar of strength and impressed me substantially. You can't kill him with a stick. He plugged away hour after hour with minimal breaks.

The support car was very low on fuel which prompted them to race back to Young for a quick refill. Mal had a moment whilst filling her up. An air bubble developed and blew petrol all over him. Amanda laughed uncontrollably as Mal tied his clothes to the roof rack due to the smell of petrol.

I would like to thank the old man in the middle of nowhere who told me i was to stupid to be an idiot and the crew would like to thank Lewis & Missy Furner for directions when they were lost.

Don't forget everyone , its my birthday tomorrow so don't forget my presents!

Not only has Mal been my chief mechanic , driver , sun cream applier , and rock , he is now helping Amanda massage me. Can you believe that?

Well ! i am about to place my feet in a bucket of ice once again and settle in to bed.


Maz & Court said...

Maaaate what are you doing? I guess all we can say is stay strong, stay focused & you are never to do anything like this again! We can only wish you well & hope tomorrow is an easier day. Our thoughts are with you & I am trying to think of something upbeat & funny but it all seems too painful, A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you for tomorrow Mick & take it easy. Hi to Amanda & all the crew, miss you so much, take care & see you all soon Love Maz & Curt

stealthy said...

Our favourite son, Happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you. hip hooray, hip hooray, hip hooray.
thought we would sing to you while we are in our good morning singing voices. We love you and hope you have an easier day than yesterday ( if thats at all possible) Only 2 more sleeps and you can come home.
Love big hugs and kisses Jasmine, Hannah, Ruby, Mum and Dad XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXX
Hi to Amanda, Craig, Sarah, Mal and Reg. Look after the birthday boy for us. See you all soon.

Lynda said...

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTY MICK(!), HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU"....glad to hear you've got an easier ride today. thinking of you all. luv Karl,Lynda,Taleah and Cooper.

RosieM said...

Happy Birthday Michael from everyone at Asthma Foundation NSW! All of us are thinking of you and cannot believe what you are doing for the Foundation. It truly has been a gruelling feat for you and your team to achieve but particularly you and Craig who has been cycling alongside of you the whole way. Your 37th birthday will no doubt be the most memorable of your life and although you I'm sure you are looking forward to seeing your family and Jasmine, Hannah and Ruby and getting back to a "normal life" - I know the experiences from this trip will stay with you forever. You mentioned that a couple of phsycics said you would meet a man on this trip who would profoundly change your life - I think that man is actually you - by completing this journey you have no doubt profoundly changed your life - you are an inspiration - I'm not sure where you get all that energy and determination from not to mention that incredible positive attitude. There are not sufficient words to thank you Michael but please know that we are all so grateful. Have a wonderful birthday. Love Rosie M and all your friends at Asthma Foundation xx

Michele Goldman said...

Hi there champion. Happy Birthday. You are a true legend and we are incredibly proud to have you as our ambassador at Asthma Foundation NSW. Hope the light of the tunnel is in sight with 2 days to go. Your blog says it all as to the kind of person you need to be to do what you are doing. Love to Amanda, who I know you could not do it without.