October 7, 2008


Craig bateman and myself jumped in the car last week and travelled the 1000km distance to do a route survey. Wow , its a long way by car. We noted every hill and hollow , rest stops, pubs and accommodation. Yes its going to be extremely tuff traveling the distance on a penny farthing , but hey , it is a challenge right ? 
 Day 1 - Newcastle to Sydney 104.3 kms 
 Day 2 - Sydney to 96 Mittagong kms
 Day 3 - Mittagong to Canberra 176.23 kms
 Day 4 - Canberra to Gundagai 162.3 kms
 Day 5 - Gundagai to Wagga Wagga 84.6 kms
 Day 6 - Wagga to Young 144.5 kms
 Day 7 - Young To Cowra 72.4 kms 
 Day 8 - Cowra to Bathurst 116.8 kms
 Day 9 - Bathurst to Orange 60.7 kms  Total km 1017

     There are some hills that are so big we might need some oxygen at the top. There is one hill from the Can to Gundagai that is a staggering 5-km up. Lets hope that day is not to hot. There is a huge downhill from Young to Cowra that snakes down through the valleys for 9.2 kms  YEEHAA ?  At the end of the survey we feel very confident that we can make those distances under the time frames we have set. Days three and four will be the hardest being back to back and huge. Not only are they the longest two days , they are also the hilliest. Those two days will be the most challenging bike riding i will ever endure  ( lots of Vaseline ). 
    One thing I did notice on the trip was how beautiful NSW country-side is . There are some amazing sights that we will have plenty of time to look at along the way. I especially love the fields of canola plants that stretch for miles on end. You think you are in the wizard of oz movie. The contrast of the yellow fields against the blue sky with the occasional green tree is truly something worth seeing..

  Craig and i even managed to get a couple of laps in around the famous mount Panorama in Bathurst. Damn shame we had to do it in a commodore.!

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