October 17, 2008


Only two days to go.........   Check out the biggest bike rack you have ever seen... I built that in at my dads factory last week and it works a treat. I would like to thank Cowan Manufacturing at Warners Bay ( my dads factory )  for the tremendous help and patience in helping me build both bikes and the bike rack . 
    People say i am an inspiration to them ? I hear that  often but do not think to much about it. When i think about how much my father is an inspiration to me and how proud i am of him , I guess then it really dawns on me what its like to make an impact on someone's life. My mum and dad are two of my very best friends and i would like to say thank-you to them both for their support so far and especially for hosting the biggest cocktail party Dora Creek has ever seen.
     My good mate Dave from Tubby signs Cooranbong Kindly donated a sign for the back window of the wagon.  What an amazing sign . Not only does it look great and he only had two days notice to build it but !!!!!!!  from the inside of the car you do not even know its on the window. Its magic of some kind? Smoke and mirrors???? you have to check it out to believe it. 
 Bonnells bay Public School is so excited about hosting the departure party. The kids are all very enthusiastic and can not wait to be on the news on mon night. There is also a huge sign out the front of the school with GOOD LUCK MR COWAN ON YOUR 1000KM PENNYFARTHING JOURNEY written on it.  Believe it or not i really am quite humble and its kinda weird to hear and see all of the buzz around town the challenge is creating. I even made front and fourth page in the  paper today.
    Which reminds me?  the media are starting a feeding frenzy over the challenge. Yesterday i spoke live on radio with 2NURFM  , ABC Newcastle , ABC sydney , 2HD , a Bathurst radio station , and Kevin Rudd ( i made the last one up to see if you are still awake ). Next week i am on tones of radio stations and look out for me on tuesday morning with Koshy & Mel between 8.30 and 9.00 on sunrise channel seven . Thats  just the beginning . 

 My support crew are also getting excited about the challenge.
     My beautiful wife Amanda ( whom i love tremendously ) 
     Mal Dean  ( who the paper said is my cook,,, He can only heat up beans )
     Craig Bateman ( riding with me for support and strength and plenty of laughs)
     Sarah  mclean    ( minister in charge of carbohydrates and protein )
     Reg Ryan  ( our newest team member who is a fantastic  bloke )
     Nick and Georgia ( Our sensational media team from the foundation )
My wife Amanda .... well ........ What can i say ........ i will make is simple ...... she is my rock ####

    We will be posting everyday during the event . So watch out for the latest info of the highs and lows posted with the latest pics .
   Chow for now   Michael 


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jackliveshere72 said...

I have to say...Micheal Cowan...you are a machine! I am so excited to be joining you on this amazing journey. You are an inspiration and an incredibly amazing man! As for my georgous partner and rock Craig you are the love of my life...I just want to say to both of you, that you are truly "INSANE" but I do love you both dearly and I am so blessed to have people like you in my life!! Micheal has worked incredibly hard to make this all happen and I hope that any body reading this, that has asthma or knows anyone living with asthma joins us on this journey to raise awareness and funding for this foundation. Safe riding to us all... Sarah M-Minister for Carbohydrates & Protien!