October 21, 2008

Day Two Sydney to Mittagong 96 kms

The worst thing about me sitting here writing this blog is that i have to watch craig in the background being massaged.

Wow Today was massive. It all started at 6.00am with a big breaky care of sarah. We raced off to the city in sydney ( martin place ) to the channel seven studio for an interview with Koshy and Mel. The interview was great , Amanda got to watch the Veronica's and we managed to get some fantastic pics of the sunrise crew. Amanda thinks that the Veronica's need a couple of cheese burgers. You almost have to tie them down in the wind. Straight after the interview with sunrise we were attacked by prime sydney.

Finally we arrived at the M5 motorway to start off to Mittagong at 10.00 am . Unfortunately the RTA cameras were pointed straight at us and the authorities were alerted about our presence. We had all of the appropriate paper work and permissions but the RTA believed that they had the last say in who did what on the freeway. SSSOOOOOO the commander of the RTA had to get in his car and travel to us to give his say on the whole matter ( thats bureaucracy for you ). After an hour and a half almost we set of for Mittagong where we had to race against the clock to get there by sundown.

About halfway there we stopped off at a picnic area for some munch needed lunch. There happened to be a food and coffee van owned and operated by a great bloke called Joseph. He welcomed us with open arms and made us coffee and muffins and even did the salsa dance with sarah. It was great to have a coffee because Reggie dropped my full coffee in the bin early this morning thinking it was rubbish. lol

The day was tough once again riding against a massive head wind. I broke seven spokes today so there was a bit of down time changing them. I did have the two chief mechanics on the job ( reg and mal ). We were travelling somewhere between Sydney and Mittagong and a girl pulled up in a car. We thought she was going to donate some money but she had some news for us. 2GB sydney were telling the listeners that if the saw us on the road could they pull over and tell us that the radio station would like to talk to us and could we give them a call.

We called them and the radio host said on air that when we get into Mittagong can we call into the golf club and see the golf pro called Larry. He said to tell him he had to give us some money for our cause because he given them a plug on the radio whilst interviewing me. What a con. well we called into the club and were we had a great reception from the locals and Larry . I also met up with an old school mate Scott Consadine and had a great chat. It is a small world.

Physically we are wrecked. Tired and sore butts to boot. Tomorrow is going to be absolutely huge. 176kms to Canberra.

Every one is getting along nicely and we have even got Mal to fetch the washing and fold it. Oh Craig and Myself are now famous in Mittagong because we rode up Catherine hill. The start of it was 16 kms up and the end of it was really steep . It took us an hour to climb up it. The locals say that cheap cars have to detour around it.
Amanda and myself would like to say to Jasmine , Hannah and Ruby that we miss them and love them dearly and we cannot wait to see them next week xxxooo


Brendan said...

Good work guys, keep it up!!!

Karen said...

Hey Mick ... made up a whole lesson yesterday for the special ed class at Morisset High about asthma, penny farthings & your ride! Their really interested in following your journey after cheering you all on in the main street. They drew some fantastic drawings of you on the bike as well!!! Well done to you all & all the best tomorrow for the long haul!
Cheers Karen (& the rest of the Newman clan)

Sewelly said...

Sorry i missed the start boys keep it up.
Get into that southerly

Lynda said...

Hi Mick and Amanda and the crew!!Keep up the good work, thinking of you today I'm sure your butts will be sore doing 176K's. Its so good to be able to keep up with your progress on this blog spot.I didnt get to say Thanks yet for doing this ride, coz you are doing it for me too, as Ive suffered with asthma as long as you have!!!Ride safely. We're all thinking of you. luv Karl,Lynda,Taleah and Coops!

RosieM said...

You are an inspiration Michael. Have been thinking about your big journey today 176km to Canberra. Take care of yourself.

Class 1L BBPS said...

All the children of 1L just wanted to say well done to everyone! We have put the maps of each days trip up on our wall in the classroom and we highlight the length of your trip everyday. Hannah is so proud of Dad, we get a daily update from her to see how you went the day before.
Keep up the good work and good luck for the remaining trip.