January 31, 2008

Welcome to my Penny Farthing Challenge!

Hi my name is Michael Cowan. You are probably wondering why I’m riding this Penny Farthing bike? Well to satisfy your curiosity I have actually designed and hand built this replica 1890’s Penny Farthing from scratch. I plan to ride it 1000km in October 2008 to raise awareness and as much funds as possible for asthma research. I have lived with asthma 32 of my 36 years and believe in the importance of good asthma management including regular physical activity which has enabled me to live a full and active life.

This is the second time I have raised awareness and funds for Asthma Foundation NSW by cycling a Unicycle 21km in November 2006 in my local community of Lake Macquarie.

Although the challenge ahead for me will be extremely difficult and uncomfortable I want to make a difference to the 800,000 people in NSW who have asthma. Any donation large or small will be greatly appreciated. You can help by making an online donation and also by letting people know about the Penny Farthing Challenge! You can also call Asthma Foundation NSW to make your donation on 1800 645 130.

Thank you so much for supporting me - make sure you visit the blog during the year for updates!

Leave your comments below because I'd love to receive any words of encouragement to spur me on!

Cheers, Michael