August 6, 2008

Training Hard For The Big Day

To ride 1000km in seven to eight days on a penny farthing is not something for the weak or faint hearted. You only have to ride a short distance on one to find out just how demanding it really is.
  Thats why i have employed the expertise of Nicki Sewell from Reactiv-8 group personal training in Morisset. I have been training with Nicki and the group for almost two years now .  I have transformed from a 105-kg lazy bugger into an 89-kg ball of enthusiasm due to the hard work and dedication of Nikki and her approach to a full body workout. I can now run 5-km in 19 mins flat and I also managed to win my last triathlon. ( it was only a mini triathlon but HELL came first didn't i ). 
  I look forward to each and every class i attend at Reactiv-8 as its an awesome workout covering the entire body and i have met some great friends there as well.  My good mate Glenn who you can see sparr-ing with me in the pics has lost a staggering 35 Kilos since he has been attending Nicki's classes. Wow thats major.  Hats off to Nicki and Glenn .
 As the time draws nearer to the big ride ( the 20th of Oct ) Nicki and her understudy Linda push me harder and harder . Those of you who are fit and work out on a regular basis would understand that fitness is an addiction . 
   I am addicted and i love it.      I wish to thank Nicki for her tremendous spirit , her professional approach and her never give up attitude, Your a Gem Nicki . If there are any locals reading this thread and you want to change your health, your life , Have some fun and make a change for the better, email Nicki on . or call 0448113363. Stop putting it off and get started, you never know? you might enjoy it?