October 20, 2008

Day 1 We made it

Bonnells Bay school to Sydney !

It was Hot, very windy and tonnes of traffic , but we made it in one piece . Craig and myself would like to thank Bonnells bay primary school , Greg Piper and every body who attended the school for our tremendous send off today. There was even a surprise appearance by a bike riding bear!

Mal hit a post in the car and scratched the mirror 300 metres from home then craig dropped the drink bottle off his bike in the main street of Morisset. We were off to an ordinary start but sorted our selves out by the time we hit wyee. My great friend Goldie escorted us and told us a few good jokes for the first 20 kms then wished us farewell.

You would not believe who Andrew Johns met today ? Thats right me and craig and the crew. We were lucky enough to cross paths in the entrance while he was walking for the black dog institute. It was great to meet and greet the best rugby league player in the world but the high light of the day was meeting Justin and James . That pair of crazy boys are the ones who paddled across the Tasman sea to New Zealand earlier this year in a sea kayak. They are two of the most down to earth blokes you could meet and it was a real pleasure to meet them.

Tonight we were invited to the National Asthma summit in the old rail buildings in Redfern. We were wined and dinned and then they introduced me with a drum role. When the drums rolled i rode the pennyfarthing out into the main auditorium where i did a few laps around and then spoke to Greg Smith ( the CEO of the Asthma Foundation ) about todays events. It created a real buzz for the crowd and even convinced them to donate some cash on the night. Mal and craig did a fantastic job shaking the tin and managed to get a few hundred dollars . We also secured another larger sponsor . The great blokes from Sports Haler have given us a sum of money to wear their product around our necks in the TV interview tomorow . You can check the product on http://www.sports-haler.com/.

Phyhsically craig and myself are doing fine ,except for a bit of sun burn and sun stroke, but is only day one. Tomorow morning we have an interview with Koshy and mel on sunrise follwed by an interview with prime Sydney. Then we make our way to the beggining of the M5 motorway and set off on a 96km journey to beautifull down town Mittagong. We hope the rain stays away and the southerly head wind ceases .

Well Myself , Craig , Amanda, Mal , Reggie and Sarah need some much needed rest for the big day tomorow . Goodnight .

We will update again tomorow night.

Ps Sarah is doing a marvelous job feeding the Troops and I am looking forward to a huge breakfast in the morning.

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jody.castle said...

Congratulations on making it through your first day. Saw you on TV, looked great. Keep it up.
Tha Adams family