October 26, 2008

Day 7 6.00am Early start again

Hi everyone and good morning to you all. Its groundhog day yet again. There is a massive morning ritual that takes place each and every day. There is breakfast to be made and eaten , bikes to tune and cars to pack to the rafters and most importantly the water bottles have to be cleaned and refilled .We have to squeeze the gear in every time we pack the car. Mal is the man. He climbs out of bed and fusses over me all the time. He says, come on get up, there is your clothes , do you want a coffee, make sure you where sun cream , do you need a rub etc. The man just does not stop . He thinks if he stops he will seize up.
Everyone is feeling drained. Luckily Reg and Sarah get to have regular stops to organise the food and accommodation. Mal and Amanda on the other hand have been sitting in the car for approximately Eighty hours so far in the past seven days. Travelling at super low speeds. They have to remain focused at all times to call the traffic for Craig and i.
Motorolla have supplied us with state of the art radio gear. There is one for everybody so we can keep in contact at all times. Craig and myself listen to Mal and Amanda all day telling us ,keep left boys , trucks coming , careful , keep it tidy , large fast down hill ahead etc. A really funny thing happened last night on the way back from dinner. We were walking home and came to a round about and suddenly Mal shouts to every one , Keep left then when the car passed he said all clear , right to go now. like i said he never stops. He was still in radio control mode and did it naturally. When we realised what he had done and said we all had trouble standing as we were laughing so hard.
Even as i sit here typing people are walking past getting photos of the bike at this crazy hour. The media has drenched this area with the knowledge of our arrival and our intent which makes people very excited when they see the bike up close. I must have the most talked about butt in the state at the moment as every body asks me how it is feeling. Its quite embarrassing really having to tell a complete stranger how your hind is going.
Sarah just popped her head in and tells me Craig is not doing so well this morning so i will just duck next door and ask him for myself .... just one moment ........well i limped on over and asked how he is. I said Craig what is you sorest bit, he replied with a huge smile on his face my whole body is sore ! i told him as long as he can feel pain that it means he is still alive. LOL.
I better go because Sarah has breaky ready and we have a photo shoot in town at 7.30am .
Chow for now and we will update tonight.........

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